Thermablok® Case Studies

Energy Plant Thermal Reduction

Reducing Energy Plant Noise - Supervisors at the South Broward Waste to Energy (WTE) plant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were faced with a 30-day project to overhaul the plant's turbine. During this process the plant's steam bypass system would take over the turbine's 24-hours a day waste management responsibilities for one full month. The problem with the transition was the unbearable blare of the bypass system. The bypass channels 900 pounds per square inch of compressed steam through a 14 inch diameter pipe and into a 7 foot diameter pipe, generating a noise

Aerogel Insulation Ideal for Slim Solar Panels

Thermablok® Aerogel  Insulation Ideal for Slim Solar Panels Challenges Collector pipes insulation for new solar thermal panel developed by Solar Century The panel was required to be super slim (25mm) to replace existing roofing tiles This meant the insulation needed to be about 9mm (Typical panels use 50,, of mineral wool) The temperature range at the collector pipes is 65-200 degrees C (149-392 degrees F) depending on operation cycle Aerogel Solution The A solution of 9mm of flexible, durable Thermablok®, which meets the thermal performance of 50mm of mineral wool Benefits The aerogel solution provided the required

Aerogel Insulated Wood Framing

Thermablok® Case Studies Thermablok® Aerogel  Insulates Wood Framing, Increasing Energy Efficiency by 15% Economical method to eliminate thermal bridging in framing members Challenges Homeowners renovating a nearly 3-- year old house wanted to increase the energy efficiency at an economical price. With their construction and real estate experience, the owners understood that to improve the home's energy efficiency they would have to address heat loss through the frame. Due to old construction techniques and materials, framing density varied throughout the house and in some cases was quite high. Aerogel Solution The homeowners selected Thermablok to

Aerogel Dramatically Improves House Floor Thermal Comfort

Thermablok® Case Studies Thermablok® Aerogel  Improves Thermal Comfort of House Floor Flexible aerogel blanket installed in half hour versus full day for polystyrene Challenges Insulate a new floor being installed in a residential house. The existing floor had been laid down directly on the ground without any insulation. The new floor needed to improve the thermal comfort in the house and reduce heating costs. There was not much space to insulate. Aerogel Solution The An aerogel solution of 9mm Thermablok was chosen for its outstanding insulation value in a thin profile. The use of conventional

Aerogel Insulation Provides 44% U Value Reduction

Thermablok® Case Studies Thermablok® Aerogel  Interior Wall Insulation Reduces U-Values by 44% and Lowers Energy Use and Carbon Emissions Challenges Provide insulation for UK government program to upgrade insulation in public housing apartment units The insulation needed to improve the unit's U-values to save energy and reduce carbon emissions The insulation also needed to be thin to minimize encroachment on living space in small rooms Other requirements included water resistance, noise abatement, breathability and easy installation Aerogel Solution The Proctor Group developed a double layer of Thermablok® laminated to a building facing board. The insulation

Old Mill House Energy Saving Conversion

Thermablok® Case Studies Thermablok® Aerogel Insulation Converts Old Mill House Into Modern Energy-Saving Passive House Challenges Insulate a Swiss home built in the 1600s to achieve passive energy status - not requiring heating or cooling Conserve living space Use a flexible insulation to maintain the original shape and reveals of the house Aerogel Solution An aerogel solution consisting of multiple layers of 9mm Thermablok® was used externally and internally on the walls and also internally on the floors Externally - traditional rendering systems were applied with a standard metal mesh incorporated to protect the system Internally

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