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Aerogel Case Studies

Aerogel Thermal Insulation Case Studies

Old Mill House
Modern Energy-Saving Passive House
Aerogel Wall Insulation
44% U-Value Reduction
House Floor Insulation
Half hour installation versus full day!
Wood Frame Insulation
Eliminates Thermal Bridging
Solar Panel Application
Thinner and better

Thermablok® Thermal Insulation Installation Suggestions

Easy Installation for Residential and Commercial Applications

Thermablok Thermal InsulationThermal Strip Insulation
Thermablok may be installed either on the exterior or interior side of the wall framing. Insulate the full length of framing members. Apply to all wall, floor or ceiling framing edges: headers, footers, trusses, window and door frames, floor joist and roof rafters.
Thermablok Thermal InsulationBlanket Insulation
Do not install Thermablok and new siding over walls that have deteriorated from moisture, insects, etc. Repair unsound walls prior to proceeding. Plan and coordinate the thermal bridging barrier insulation work to minimize the generation of off-cuts and waste.
Thermablok Instruction Guidelines

Below you can download Thermablok PDF specification/guideline documentation

Thermablok Thermal Insulation Specifications

Thermablok Physical Properties

0.40in(10mm)Thickness390F(200C)Max TempWhiteColor
9.4 lb/Ft3DensityR-Value=10.3/inchR ValueYesHydrophobic

NASA’s New Nano-Technology AEROGEL

Breakthrough Scientific Innovation now available for construction!

Thermablok Thermal Insulation