Save on Energy Costs, Now and in the Future with Thermablok® Aerogel Insulation Strips

The thermal increases achieved with Thermablok aerogel insulating material will provide continuing energy cost cuts and environmental savings. For example, a Midwest residential home, 2,400 square-feet with 16-inch o.c. stud framing, R13 insulation and wood siding should result in a $746 per year energy cost savings, with a reduction of 3.9 tons of CO2 emissions. Add to this the potential for tax deductions offered by the U.S. government and you may be able to recover your costs within a few years.

Save now with an energy tax credit

Thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, you may be eligible for a tax credit when you make energy efficient improvements to your home, including adding insulation. Other qualifying products include windows, doors, water heaters, roofing and heating and cooling systems.

Save later on your energy bills

Adding Thermablok aerogel insulating strips to insulate, and sealing air leaks are the most cost-effective ways to make your home more energy efficient. Adding Thermablok not only helps lower energy bills, it will help keep your home more consistently comfortable. Properly insulating is more cost-effective than adding energy efficient windows or other improvements.

Why Thermablok® Aerogel Insulation is a Great Choice

Using Thermablok aerogel insulation in your home can provide a healthier environment for you and your family, now and in the future. Thermablok aerogel strips are 100% recyclable, with no outgassing and no harmful materials. Thermablok maintains its R-value far longer than conventional insulations, and will help keep your home comfortable for decades to come.


You may be eligible for some tax credits for adding insulation or making other energy efficiency improvements. Many state and local governments and utilities offer incentives. Please check with your local utilities company for more information.