Thermablok® Case Studies

Thermablok® Aerogel  Insulates Wood Framing, Increasing Energy Efficiency by 15%
Economical method to eliminate thermal bridging in framing members


  • Homeowners renovating a nearly 3– year old house wanted to increase the energy efficiency at an economical price.
  • With their construction and real estate experience, the owners understood that to improve the home’s energy efficiency they would have to address heat loss through the frame.
  • Due to old construction techniques and materials, framing density varied throughout the house and in some cases was quite high.

Aerogel Solution

  • The homeowners selected Thermablok to eliminate the thermal bridging through the frame members in the walls being renovated.
  • This greatly increased the overall thermal efficiency of those walls.
  • Thermablok can be installed on the interior or exterior of the framing member, depending on the construction or renovation details.
  • In this application, the contractor opted to install the Thermablok to the inside fo the framing members.


  • The R-value of the walls containing Thermablok improved to R 13.9, a 15% improvement.
  • In addition to greatly increasing the thermal efficiency of the house while meeting the homeowners’ budget requirements.