Thermablok® Case Studies

Thermablok® Aerogel  Improves Thermal Comfort of House Floor
Flexible aerogel blanket installed in half hour versus full day for polystyrene


  • Insulate a new floor being installed in a residential house. The existing floor had been laid down directly on the ground without any insulation.
  • The new floor needed to improve the thermal comfort in the house and reduce heating costs.
  • There was not much space to insulate.

Aerogel Solution

  • The An aerogel solution of 9mm Thermablok was chosen for its outstanding insulation value in a thin profile.
  • The use of conventional insulation materials would have required altering or changing all doors and frames.


  • Thermablok was installed on the entire floor in 30 minutes; polystyrene foam requires a full day.
  • The time savings reduced labor costs and allowed the project to remain on schedule.
  • The owner did not have to change any doors and frames, saving substantial time and money.
  • Thermablok is easy to unwind on the floor, flexible but robust and easily cut like a carpet.
  • The thin Thermablok saved over 3cm of height in the room. It took just 30 minutes to install Thermablok throughout tis entire room. Polystyrene foam takes a full day to install.