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Thermablok® Aerogel News Stories

Thermablok® Aerogel Insulation at the NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise Exhibit

Space Shuttle Enterprise

Thermablok, an aerogel insulation product derived from NASA’s aerogel technology, has been included as a NASA technology spinoff product in the popular Space Shuttle Enterprise exhibit at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. Aerogel, considered the highest insulating material known and one of the lightest solids, was successfully used by NASA for insulation purposes on the space shuttle, Mars Pathfinder and other rovers, and STARDUST spacecraft missions to combat extreme temperature environments and is sure to change the building industry. Adding just one THERMABLOK AEROGEL STRIP (pat. pend.) 0.25″ x 1.5″, to only one side of each stud can virtually eliminate “thermal bridging” and increase the “R” value of a wall (regardless of insulation in the cavity) by an amazing 30 to 35% (DOE Oak Ridge laboratory test).Made in the USA, Thermablok is 100% recyclable, impervious to moisture/mold, and unaffected by age. Green, energy-conscious architects and builders are currently incorporating this new NASA aerogel technology into energy conservation and CO2 emissions reduction. In addition to buildings, it can be used in radiant flooring, concrete slab separation, underground concrete and water pipe insulation. Metal buildings can achieve a significant energy efficiency increase with Thermablok Aerogel Strips in the wall and the metal roofing. What’s more, using Acoustiblok® soundproofing material with Thermablok can resolve many challenging high temperature noise problems i.e.; exhaust systems, hot pipe noise, and industrial noise. Utilized by the military, NASA, Apple, Google, Stantec, Siemens, Kiewit, Turner, Clark to name a few; Thermablok is THE ultimate breakthrough in insulation technology.

Thermablok is listed as one of NASA’s top “spin off” companies of 2009.

Thermablok Display Full

Thermablok sample on display at the Shuttle Enterprise Exhibit with section enlarged in the lower left image. Thermablok founder & owner Lahnie “LJ” Johnson showing Thermblok strips in the lower right image.

Thermablok Display    LJ with Thermablok Display